Solar for Agriculture

Solar isn’t just about offsetting carbon emissions or “going green,” it can work alongside your existing infrastructure to lower input costs and improve the bottom line of your farming operations. Grid-tied solar passively produces electricity from the sun, with virtually zero maintenance and a comprehensive warranty. Power you produce is used in real-time with any excess being put back onto the main grid for a credit that can be redeemed from your traditional utility at night or when the solar array may not be producing enough to meet your consumption demands.

As an industry leader and innovator in both rooftop and ground-mounted solar PV, SolarCorp is your trusted partner in powering these savings. Contact one of our team member today for a free consultation and estimate.

DIY or Full-Service

With years of experience and expertise, SolarCorp is your full-service project provider. 

In addition to our complete service range, we also offer customized materials-only packages for DIY projects.

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