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Better Power Since 2017

SolarCorp is one of Canada’s leading solar installers, providing better power to homeowners and businesses since 2017. We’re on a mission to help save money, and the planet, with solar.

We boast an expansive product catalogue and an experienced team of experts to help with all projects large and small. SolarCorp specializes in grid-tied solar power (rooftop or ground-mounted), electric vehicle charging for commercial properties, and off-grid solar for industrial applications.

With locations across western Canada, we’re ready to help with your project. Schedule a free consultation with one of our commercial experts today!

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Remote Solar Power

A proud Renogy dealer, SolarCorp offers remote solar panels, charge controllers, batteries, and inverters. These products are well suited to remote power applications, including telecom, water pumping, lighting, telemetry, instrumentation, and other industrial applications.

Solar panels are available in sizes ranging from just 30 W up to 450 W in both flexible and rigid formats. SolarCorp also stocks and carries a variety of mounting hardware, including pole mounts, ground-mounting systems, and different rooftop products to suite any project requirement.

EV Charging Infrastructure

SolarCorp offers EV charging solutions for businesses and property owners throughout the areas we serve. As the adoption of electric vehicles continues to grow, so will the need for charging infrastructure.

Adding EV charging to your property can attract new customers and add value in a changing business landscape.

Energy Storage & Battery Backup

Battery-based energy storage and backup can be a valuable tools in both on and off-grid applications. Used with or without solar, batteries can help to increase savings in peak-demand billing situations. Batteries can also be used to provide backup power in the event of an outage or store electricity in remote applications.