Go solar together & save up to 20%*

What is Group Buying?

Do you and your neighbours want to go solar? With Group Buying from SolarCorp you can make the switch to clean power and start saving money by paying as little as $0 for the power you use for less. When more than one homeowner decides to go solar together, we offer discounted rates!

How does Group Buying work?

At SolarCorp, we want everyone to go solar, so we love it when neighbours decide to make the switch together. We offer discounted rates that are based on how many installs are included in a group-buy. You do not need to live on the same street, as long as two or more households in the same city go solar together, you qualify for a discount.

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*Discounted offered as a percentage off of equipment price only. Total final discount is dependent on the number of systems included in a group buy.