Become a Certified Partner Today


We’re proud to offer our new Certified Partners Program to qualified parties looking to add our premium products and services to complement their existing offerings. Through this program, your business can benefit from our extensive catalogue of products and services, industry knowledge, training and support. Leverage the SolarCorp brand through authorized use of our “Certified Partner” badge on your own marketing materials.

Partnering allows you and your business to access and enjoy the benefits of SolarCorp’s scale and resources. We’ve worked hard to develop a robust network of suppliers, tools, and procedures to ensure some of the lowest costs of solar in the country.

We believe in partnering with proven providers with focus and track record of excellence and providing a top-tier customer experience.

Procurement & distribution

Through our large network of distribution centres, SolarCorp and our partners enjoy increased buying power. Our procurement team negotiates preferred pricing for equipment. Leverage our vendors list to maximize your bottom line while ensuring higher equipment quality standards.

Brand recognition and marketing

All partners have access to the SolarCorp trademark(s) and are required to use co-branded materials and show the Certified Partner logo somewhere on all corporate marketing materials and communications, including on vehicles. This allows partners to capitalize on the trusted SolarCorp brand.