Solar for New Home Builders

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With both environmental and cost-saving benefits, rising mainstream popularity and record setting low costs, solar something that is highly sought after by Canadian new home buyers in the market today. The New Home Builders program from SolarCorp gives your business the opportunity to offer solar options to your customers with virtually no investment.

Under the program, home builders offer their customer the option of solar as a condition of purchase on preexisting units or a build spec for custom orders. Once an order with solar is confirmed, the professional and experienced team from SolarCorp handles absolutely everything, from permitting to installation and any required ongoing maintenance. There are several partnership options for builders;


Purchase products and installation at a special discounted rate from SolarCorp, marking up to your desired level.

Commission Based

SolarCorp will charge customers our standard rate, paying an agreed upon referral commission to our builder partners.

With either partnership option builders can opt for white-label service or to co-brand each project, adding an extra selling point with the trusted SolarCorp brand.

Certified Partners

Builders interested in installing and servicing solar products themselves may want to read further about our Certified Partners program.