My System Monitoring Isn’t Working

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Because of modular nature of your solar setup, there is virtually nothing that could result in your entire system not producing power today, short of the breaker or outside disconnect being turned off, so it’s safe to say that this is only a monitoring issue and that your solar array is still producing power normally.

We suggest that you attempt the following steps;

  1. Ensure the power cable is still connected to the ECU. 
  2. Check with your internet provider to see if they are having any outages.
  3. Ensure that you and anyone else in your household has not changed your internet
  4. (Wifi) password or any other settings related to your internet service.
  5. Ensure the light on the ECU is on and green and/or let us know what colour the LED light is or if it is off.

After following the above steps, if your monitoring is still not working, you can try waiting at least 24 hours from when you first noted the issue to see if it starts working again. If you can confirm your internet is working properly and the ECU is connected but your monitoring still does not work after 24 hours, then you may have to schedule a time for servicing.