Introducing Free Monitoring for All

SolarCorp is proud to offer free solar system monitoring for all of our customers across Canada! We’ve put together this quick and convenient article to address some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) regarding this service.

What is solar system monitoring?

Solar system monitoring allows you, as the home owner, to track and monitor the production of your solar system as a whole and the individual solar panels in real-time through the web or a handy mobile app. Our trained technicians will also automatically be notified of any anomalies or issues with your system performance.

How do I get monitoring?

Monitoring is offered free-of-charge for all SolarCorp customers, regardless of location. When your solar system is activated a technician will help you get set up.

Do I require internet?

In order to conveniently track your solar system performance and production, a wired or wireless internet connection is required.

Will my system still work, even if the monitoring is down?

Although we provide monitoring free-of-charge to all of our valued customers, it is not required for the operation of your solar system.