Solar for Home Builders

Get Solar Ready.

SolarCorp is one of western Canada’s leading and most recognizable solar brands, making us well equipped to work with new home builders to deliver added value to their customers by incorporating rooftop solar and energy storage into their product portfolio. 

The Solar Ready program from SolarCorp allows home builders to work with a proven name in solar to deliver renewable energy options and packages before, during, and after construction. By working with SolarCorp, you can differentiate your business and offer buyers compelling value through a number of off-the-shelf and totally customizable options:

Solar Ready: Homes that include all of the support infrastructure to easily add a SolarCorp solar solution at a later stage.

Solar Complete: SolarCorp will handle all of the solar-related tasks including planning, paperwork, installation, and long-term customer support. Offer home buyers a complete package from the start.

EV Charging: Offer pre-installed electric vehicle charging infrastructure for a changing mobility landscape.

Energy Storage: 24/7 battery backup keeps the lights on and essential appliances running during an outage. This solution can be installed with or without solar.

We make it easy.

Contact us today to see how working with SolarCorp as a home builder can benefit your business.